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Company Looking For Construction Workers Jobs in Russia

Construction company doing business in Russia, Austria, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Libya, Iraq, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Gabon, Switzerland. Projects, jobs and job application.

Renessaince Construction company is one of the biggest turkish construction companies doing business in many countries worldwide. One of the countries in which Renaissance Construction makes projects is Russia. The company is doing business and developing construction projects in Russia for many years and in this caption Renaissance Construction is one of the big construction companies in Russia seeking workers all the time. As a construction company making residential and industrial projects, Renaissance Construction offers always new job opportunities and construction job offers in Russia for construction workers.

About Renessaince Construction

Renaissance Construction was founded in St. Petersburg in 1993. Renaissance specializes in design and construction of shopping centers, offices, hotels, multifunctional complexes, high-rise buildings, heavy industrial facilities (cement plants, construction machinery and auto plants, chemical and petrochemical plants, fertilizer plants, metallurgical plants, etc.), infrastructure (airport projects, tunnel projects, marina projects, etc.), energy facilities, pharmaceutical plants, food and beverage processing plants, public buildings, residential buildings, etc. Renaissance’s competitive advantage is due to its high engineering capability, extensive experience, high-quality services, and outstanding solutions; which have made the company the preferred general contractor for many local and international investors. The three main segments Renaissance operates are:

General Building Projects

This is the main segment where Renaissance has been operating since its establishment in 1993. For the past 20 years, Renaissance has successfully completed over 500 projects with a total area of 15 million sq m. Today, Renaissance is among the top 100 leading international contractors in the world.

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Heavy Industry Projects

The heavy industry segment is represented by Renaissance Heavy Industries division, established in 2011. With the launch of a number of important projects, the division made a very promising start and now intends to secure its position within the company’s key markets. The main focus of the division is the heavy industry segment where it has multiple projects, as well as Engineering, Procurement and Construction. The division concentrates on close cooperation with other entities of Renaissance (also in the form of joint ventures) and establishes partnerships with other companies. In order to deliver large-scale heavy industrial construction projects, a number of consortium agreements have been concluded with leading technology companies such as Sojits, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, etc.

Infrastructure Projects

Forming a joint venture with A. PORR AG (an Austrian company), the Infrastructure division located in Austria operates in various regions such as Russia, Libya, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Iraq, etc.

In 2013, it opened a new branch in Switzerland following the acquisition of Alpine Bau GmbH, Hergiswil, which had been the Swiss branch of the Austrian ALPINE Group. Thus, the division became involved in a top infrastructure project, the construction of the world’s longest railway tunnel; the Gotthard Base Tunnel in the Swiss Alps. In April 2014, Renaissance acquired 75% of a German based company, Heitkamp Ingenieur- und Kraftwerksbau GmbH. Acquisition of the remaining 25% is planned to be completed in December 2014. Heitkamp is included in the Infrastructure Division of Renaissance. The division also aims to undertake challenging infrastructure projects primarily focusing on stadiums, bridges, roads, dams, etc.

The segments are represented by divisions which operate in Russia, Austria, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Libya, Iraq, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Gabon, Switzerland, and in some other countries; with its largest markets in Russia, Turkmenistan, Libya, and Iraq. Renaissance continues to diversify its portfolio by expanding its activities into new segments and exploring new markets. Renaissance’s objective is to continue strengthening its position in the heavy industry, infrastructure, energy, EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) segments, along with civil engineering. Renaissance is among the top 100 international contractors in the world.

Construction Jobs in Russia and Construction Job Opportunities

Russia is one of the biggest countries in which construction projects are being built by biggest construction companies. In this caption there are a lot of construction companies looking for construction workers. To reach construction job offers in Russia you can visit the job offer websites in Russia and you can apply for the jobs that you find suitable for yourself.

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